Combines age old chocolatier techniques with new 3D printing technologies



3 x 4pcs Chocolate Boxes (Bundled)

3 x 4pcs Chocolate Boxes (Bundled)


Three 4pcs chocolate boxes in one of each of our collections, the Australian, Hong Kong and Single Origin, wrapped together in a paper furoshiki and topped with a ceramic chocolate cutter.

Note: Orders are set for delivery mid-December and final flavours are subject to change. Here are flavours you can expect:

Australian collection flavours:

  • White chocolate and wattle seed 

  • Lemon myrtle caramel  

  • Strawberry gum and mango 

  • Smashed avocado

Hong Kong collection flavours:

  • Hong Kong-style peanut butter French toast

  • Preserved three year old mandarin rind 

  • Red bean ganache

  • Caramel Char Siu

Single Origin collection will have chocolates from Vanuatu, Philippines, Indonesia etc in different percentages to showcase the best qualities of those chocolates.

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