Combines age old chocolatier techniques with new 3D printing technologies




About Chocolates By Ryan L Foote

Founded and developed by Artist, Designer, Chef and Food Designer Ryan L Foote after years of experimentation and research, ‘Chocolates by Ryan L Foote’ reimagine chocolates for the digital age combining age old chocolatier techniques with new 3D printing technologies.  

With a philosophy that puts quality ingredients, good design and creativity at the forefront of its identity, Foote sets out to create a range of chocolates that are both visually engaging and reflective of contemporary design, and take inspiration from around the globe and numerous, often unrelated sources.      

Based between Melbourne and Hong Kong, Foote creates a uniquely forward thinking chocolate brand that brings the best of Australian gastronomy, design and, most of all, creativity together with Hong Kong’s global identity, taste for luxury and love of food. 


About Ryan L Foote

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Ryan L Foote has had a wide ranging career from across the worlds of Art, Design, Food & Beverage, Theatre, Fashion and Events. He is best known for creating unique event-based multi-sensory artworks that involve food, fashion, art, design and installation art.  

Foote studied at the Victorian College of the Arts, completing his Bachelor of Fine Arts, Majoring in Sculpture and Spatial Practices and has gone on to have many exhibitions around Australia and overseas, creating large installations in places like National Gallery of Victoria, Federation Square Melbourne, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne's GPO Building, Flinders Lane Gallery just to name a few.  

Simultaneous to his art practice Foote designed and produced runway sets and launch parties for multiple fashion festivals and brands from Mercedes Australian Fashion, L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival, Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, Sydney Shanghai Fashion Week as well as individual clients like Chanel Australia and many more.  

As Foote’s installation art became increasingly immersive with elements of sound, light, fashion, he played with the inclusion of a culinary elements to his art at first partnering with chefs and catering firms and then developing and producing his own culinary creations. These striking recipes involved 3D printed foods, handmade flatware and were used for his own unique food art projects as well as partnering restaurants and events.  

After years of playing with chocolate, collaborating with chocolatiers and incorporating it into his own recipes and events Foote started to focus on chocolate making over his other culinary skills. After seeing the exciting developments and reinvention of the bean-to-bar scene yet relatively untouched bon bon market, in early 2015 Foote set out to re-invent the classic bon bon with all his creative skills, playing with new technologies and looking at things from a different perspective to develop something different.        

Simultaneously to this chocolate research Foote received many enquires for his unique porcelain plates from his food art events, so in late 2016 Foote established R L Foote Design Studio which was to focus on high-end designer ceramics for both homeware & design shops, restaurants and his own projects.  

In late 2018 after refining the chocolate techniques, designs, recipes and concepts, Foote ways ready to launch Chocolates By Ryan L Foote

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