Combines age old chocolatier techniques with new 3D printing technologies


Explore our fine porcelain range created to elevate your chocolate tasting experience, from 3D generated shapes to lustrous crystalline glazes.

Porcelain range

chocolate ceramic cups.jpg

porcelain & chocolate pairings   

To complement and heighten your chocolate experience, chef, artist and designer Ryan L Foote has created a luxury porcelain range. From 3D generated ceramics cups to glazes that reflect the complexity of the tempering process, paired with our chocolates these pieces make for a truly rarified chocolate experience.


Digitally generated porcelain Cup

The first in an ongoing range, Foote has designed a unique chocolate drinking cup made for the perfect hot or iced chocolate.  

Using 3D printing technologies, Foote has replicated one of his favourite chocolate forms and recreated it in a fine white porcelain. A beautiful tactile object to hold and drink from, this cup is also a a sculptural designer piece.  


tempered crystalline serving Platter 

This minimal sleek platter is finished in one of the most complex and fascinating  glazes. The process  is similar to fine chocolate making, where getting the right crystalline structure and temper is key.

A precise formula of up to 10 different ingredients, this glaze is heat-treated to 1280C, then the temperature is dropped creating high pressure window, and this is exactly when crystal growth is fostered, resulting in this mesmerising glaze finish.  



This sleek serving option for your afternoon or post dinner treat. includes: 

  • Digitally Generated Porcelain Cup

  • Tempered Crystalline Plate

The Full entertaining Set

This dream set for high tea experience includes: 

  • Two Digitally Generated Porcelain Cups

  • Two Tempered Crystalline Plates

  • Tempered Crystalline Serving Platter