Combines age old chocolatier techniques with new 3D printing technologies



9pcs Chocolate Box

9pcs Chocolate Box


One 9pcs chocolate box in either the Australian and Hong Kong collection, wrapped in a paper furoshiki and topped with a ceramic chocolate cutter.

Here are flavours you can expect:

Australian collection flavours:

  • White chocolate & wattleseed 

  • Spicy mountain pepper berry & dark chocolate

  • Quadong & finger lime cream

  • Smoky eucalyptus, mint & dark chocolate 

  • Lemon myrtle caramel  

  • Cinnamon myrtle, honey & macadamia nut 

  • Davidson’s plum & rose jelly

Hong Kong collection flavours:

  • Egg tart 

  • Mango coconut cream

  • Hong Kong milk tea 

  • French toast with peanut butter

  • Coconut tart

  • Five-year-aged mandarin rind & dark chocolate

  • Red bean & milk chocolate

  • Caramel Char Siu

  • Black sesame & almond

Flavour collection 1:
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